Inspirational Story behind KFC

An Inspirational story how a failure became billionaire

Harland Sander

We all might be knowing about KFC which is aka Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was founded by Colonel Harland Sander . He was born on September 9,1980 in Henryville, Indiana. at the age of 5 harland father passed away then he used to take care of the farm. At the age of 17 he lost 4 jobs During 18 he got married and became a father. After that his wife left him and took their baby during 18 to 22 he was an railroad constructor and too failed then he joined army his luck didn’t gave hands to him. Then he worked as an dish washer at a small cafe shop.
And to he failed to kidnap his own daughter but he convinced his wife to return home.
At the age of 65 he got retired & got a cheque of $105 from the government he felt that he couldn’t provide himself and decided to commit sucide. Then later he sat under a tree and started to writing his will then still he had an confidence to prove him self and the only thing he was knowing about to cook.
He took $87 of his cheque & bought some Chicken he made using his recipe and went door to door to sell in Kentucky.
He named his restaurant as Sanders Court

Old Sanders Court

Then slowly his recipes got famous and opened at world wide. It is one of the 1st fast food chain to expand internationally . The menu has varieties of dishes served
First KFC Restaurant

The source said that as of year end 2014, there are 18,875 KFC’s in many countries across the world.
Remember at the age of 65 he decided to commit sucide but at the age of 88 he was a billionaire.

Moral: It is never late to start any thing it’s all about your attitude.

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