SalmanKhan Arrested for Blackbuck Poaching


SalmanKhan immensely successful acting in Bollywood career has been marked by court case.

On April 5, The Central Court in Rajasthan. SalmanKhan has been arrested in Blackbuck poaching case. The incident happened in the year 1998 while shooting the film (Hum Saath Saath Hain) 

What a quick action taken by the court as the case had been waiting till 19 years.

Not only SalmanKhan other celebrity such as Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Sonali Bendre and Tabu are also had been involved in this case

The actor was taken to the Central Jail in Jodhpur from the court with 5 year in jail along with 10,000₹  fine .

Security in Court

There was tight security on the court premises. Only lawyers were allowed inside the court. Court proceedings began at 11.15 a.m.

A huge crowd gathered outside the court building to have a glimpse of the actors.

Timeline of these Case’s

SalmanKhan has been involved in four cases related to Blackbuck / Chinkara poaching. 

Feb-2006 : Under Wild Life Act , he was supposed to be in prison for 1 year but after an appeal he has been set free.

April-2006 : The second case regarding he was accused of hunting a blackbuck in Ghoda farms. This time he was in jail for 3 Days then he got bail.

June-2006 : A Jodhpur court frames charges against the actors in the third case. The charges were framed against SalmanKhan under  Section 51 (hunting) of the Wildlife Protection Act.

Nov-2013: The Rajasthan High Court suspends the year jail sentence.

Jan-2017: A Jodhpur court acquits Khan in the Arms Case, where he was accused of possessing and weapons with an expired licence during the hunt.

At court

As we all know that asusual Todays jail & Tomorrows bail

Khan killed the Deer

The man who was driving the jeep used by SalmanKhan. In 2016 he claim that the actor shot the Animal who was reported to be “missing,” came two days after the 50-year-old actor was acquitted by the High Court in two poaching cases.


Reaction of a Fan after hearing these case

The minor girl from MadhyaPradesh ran away from her home to meet him.

She was knowing the adress & went straight to his Apartment.

The Security Guard didn’t allow her as she tries to climb the wall then the security caught her & sended her in Children home then they imformed their parents now they will be arriving soon to take her. 

Anyway good move or decision from the court hoping that these kind of many other cases comes to an end.

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