Justice For Asifa

The incident happened to a 8 year girl in first week of the year 2018. In this post we are going to see about the full detail about the victim.

Who is Asifa ? What happened to her ?

A small village named Kathua in Kashmir. A girl name Asifa belonging to a Muslim community while the majority of them are Hindu. The Hindu people does not need the Muslim families in their village. So they targeted a family, & decided to kidnap Asifa.

The head of the village Sanji Ram (60 year old) along with his son in law who was studying in 11th class,  he was asked to kidnap her. So the next day the son in law along with his friend went to the town for bringing the doping substance such as drugs like (baang,ghanja)etc.

While Asifa returning to the home she had lost her horse , she asked to them who was waiting to kidnap her. They said,  they saw the horse and she went with them. They both kidnapped her & brutally molested by the two boys. After the incident they kept the child inside the Temple & informed to Sanji Ram.

Asifa Father lodged a complain in the Police station

Next day, The police said about the girl missing complain to the head of the village (i.e. Sanji Ram).  If the police took the proper action her life might be saved.  Instead of saving her, the police man used the child to fulfill his lust from the 8 year child by giving the doping substance again and again.

Sanji ram’s son-in-law called his friend staying in Uttarpradesh & he too molested the child. This incident took place nearly 6 days then decided to kill her, they took her body to dump her but still the soul is attached with her , one of the person among them hold both the hands and broke her backbone with his legs brutally then she slowly dies.

After some days, the case went to the higher officials and the son-in-law of Sanji Ram got arrested along with his friend. They both said about the victim what has been done with her.

All the world are waiting to get the justice for asifa here in kashmir the people are protesting that because they need the accused to be released for the main reason they are hindu . As many people are protesting against them.

How you can be the change?

Yes, you aslo can be the change if a person it may be your friend ,brother or xyz anyone is doing something which is not right raise your voice immediately. Once if you leave them now.  They will make it an habbit. The Future is in your hand make it safe.

In India, there are 1000’s of girl’s are getting molested in an year but 1 or 2 cases like this will be come to these media.

Who said India got freedom it’s still under in the hands of these devils.



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  1. 😣😣😭😭😭😭wht wrong did she do!!!these kind of ppl shld b punished as hell so that other incident may nt happen. RIP my sis😭😭

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